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Low-Cost Updates Ideas To Freshen Your Bedroom

Updating your bedroom's look with these easy ideas. I hope you like it ,, Enjoy !!!

Bring Color to the Bedroom 

If you keep your bedroom's walls and furniture neutral, it's easy to add bursts of color whenever and wherever you wish. Pick one or two colors you love and then repeat the hues in vibrant artwork, bold bedding, and colorful accents.

Incorporate Textures 

Touch is a huge part of creating comfort. In a bedroom, texture becomes comfort you can feel. It's easy to alter a bedroom's texture with a change of linens--use a furry throw in winter and cotton throw in summer.

Textures suit any taste. Here are a few to consider for your bedroom style:
Traditional: Hand-tufted rugs, woven wools, tooled silver, cut crystal, gilded frames, silk, china, and polished wood.
Country: Braided rugs, worn wood, rusted metals, chenille spreads, ironstone pottery, blown glass, and ticking.
Romantic: Velvet, furry throws, crystal prisms, embroidered fabrics, lace, painted furniture, and hand-hooked rugs.
Modern: Laminated-plywood furniture, plastic, smooth leather, stainless steel, terrazzo flooring, and teak.

Switch Out Accent Pillows 

Accent pillows let you quickly alter the personality of a room and shift the balance of color. They're especially powerful used in a bedroom because the bed is a natural focal point. Pillows can update a room instantly by adding volume, pattern, texture, color, and personality.
Here, a subtle backdrop of cream and blue is brought into intense focus with a collection of lively pillows. Raspberry and sky-blue accent pillows pull the wall color and accent color together perfectly. Bold striped neckroll pillows add variety and interest to the grouping.

Update the Headboard 

A dramatic headboard can add instant impact. You'll find a wide variety of new headboards available at all price points, but consider customizing your existing headboard or using an unexpected salvaged piece for a low-cost option.
Here, a large salvaged door finds new life as a headboard. Its generous size provides a bonus by blocking light, creating a cozy, private retreat.

Update Window Treatments

To set a mood, use draperies and classic swags for a formal look, curtains and shades for an informal look, and simple blinds for contemporary appeal. Consider lining--room-darkening or insulating--that suits the treatment and your needs.

Bring In the Right Amount of Light 

General overhead lighting is less important in bedrooms. Instead focus on bedside lamps and other sources of accent lighting to turn a bedroom into an inviting, comforting retreat. And the type of light is important, too--something as simple as replacing an old light bulb with a warm-spectrum fluorescent might provide just the freshness your bedroom needs.

 Try On Bold New Bed Linens 

Nothing looks and feels fresher than new bedding. If you love the idea of new bedding but are short on storage space for bulky comforters and quilts, consider a duvet, switching out the duvet cover every season.

Try a New Direction 

To give your bedroom a decorative lift without spending a dime, angle the bed from a corner. If your present headboard looks too bulky for this arrangement, replace it with a salvaged iron gate or a shorter upholstered panel.

Create Drama 

Add drama with contrasts. In this chic bedroom, drama is created through size and color.
The eye is immediately drawn to the hanging globe fixture. The large size creates instant drama. And the contrast between the rich chocolate-brown walls and white trim and bedspread is made extra striking when paired with a splash of lime green.

Paint the Ceiling 

Here's a quick and easy way to create a cozy feel in your bedroom: Paint the ceiling the same color as your walls. Without a visual break between ceiling and walls, the room feels smaller and more intimate.
Here, robin's-egg blue creates a soothing backdrop for a serene, sophisticated retreat.

Add Architectural Detail 

Used in combination or alone, trim, molding, and wainscoting offer nearly endless design options. Depending on the style of the room, the effect may be casual or formal, rustic or defined, traditional or contemporary. But in every case, millwork surface treatments can add charm and texture to a room.
In what started as a cookie-cutter bedroom, classic flat-panel wainscoting adds structural appeal to a long expanse of wall. Combined with the light wall color, the effect is subtle yet satisfying.

Mix and Match Furnishings

A perfectly matched bedroom--the dresser goes with the bed and the corresponding nightstand, and bedding from the same collection--can become stale if the look is too uniform. Wake up a tired bedroom with an eclectic blend of fabrics and furnishings.

Add Pattern 

Pattern, like color, exerts an emotional pull that can jumpstart a decorating style. Whether you gravitate toward crisp stripes, bold florals, or classic toile, pattern can be used to liven up a space.
Add a dash of pattern to an otherwise patternless room by draping a quilt or duvet across the foot of the bed, as shown here. A bold, geometric pattern creates an instant focal point in the black-and-white room.

Update Closet Doors 

In many bedrooms, closet doors take up a significant amount of wall space. Why not replace the bulky, utilitarian sliding doors with something you'll enjoy waking up to every day?
Here, sliding closet doors were replaced with chic French doors. Mirrored panels hide closet clutter and give the room more visual space.

Add Wallpaper to a Select Spot

Try paneling a single wall or one section of a wall with a favorite wallpaper. It's a sure-fire way to call attention to a seating area or to add pattern without the expense of papering an entire room.

Halloween Mantel Decor Pictures Collection 2011

Halloween Mantel Decor Pictures 2011 a fireplace mantel are definitely need to decorate Halloween. Halloween Mantel become a great Halloween display because it usually have a nice space to put there any Halloween Mantel decorations.
Halloween Mantel Decor Pictures Collection 2011
Modern Halloween Mantel Decor for Christmas
2011 Halloween Mantel Decor Pictures

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Art Displays

Bathing Beauty

Sometimes it's a struggle to find the right kind of art for the bathroom. A common theme is to go nautical, but we prefer the modern mesh sculpture in this bathroom designed by architect Andreas Charalambous. The figural sculpture is hung from airplane wire so it moves gently, creating different shadows throughout the day, thanks to a skylight above. The mesh also nicely complements the charcoal-gray slate floor.

On the Lowdown

This bedroom corner, designed by Gregory Augustine, provides a comfortable spot to rest and read in the afternoon. But, notice the interesting placement of the artwork. Art was hung below the windowsill to be enjoyed at eye level while seated. It's a great idea that adds sophistication to comfort.

Frame It Up

Designer Elissa Russo creates this hallway focal point with a photograph in a burled wood-trim frame to connect architecturally to the antique chest underneath. Alone, the photo would have been too small, floating in space above the heavy piece of furniture. But the trim, and the carefully placed objects underneath, create a stunning scenario.

Delicious Pairing

The painting's subject matter in this Ammie Kim-designed dining room is perfect for a dining area. The frame picks up the golden tones that are used throughout the room and the art is hung at the perfect height (just slightly above eye level of seated diners).

Glamorous Gold

Designer Simon Temprell demonstrates how art can transform a plain-Jane space. The Renaissance-era painting in a dramatic, gilded frame and the oversized candelabra sconces bring instant character to the room.

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Best Interior Design game for girls in 2011

Best Interior Design game for girls in 2011 Many of the interior decorating games for girls and boys are very simplistic and need them to do a basic decoration of the room in question. Free Online games general learn more about colors game combinations educating them about furniture, etc. A interior decor games provide for only a simplistic look at a bare room and then allow use of different tools to decorate the room. other games that are more realistic with 3D view and Best Interior Design game for girls in 2011 games generally allow Lot of more different options interior design is concerned. 

 Select the games that find interesting and start on learn process. homeowner or a professional interior designer, New 2011 games can be extremely educative about the different tools that are available to for interior decoration. 

 Interior Design game for girls in 2011 who want to pursue a career in interior decorating interior designing that will help them gain a basic expected to be aware of as an interior decorator.

Source : from  Interior Design game

Kitchen Harmony

Elegant Kitchen

Cool and Glamorous

Calacatta Gold countertops — an Italian white marble with gray and gold veins — set the tone for this contemporary kitchen. Designer Erinn Valencich took a classic white palette, warmed it by marrying white lacquer and gray-stained oak cabinets, and added a retro touch with a mirrored mosaic tile backsplash. Photo courtesy of Erinn Valencich

Brown and Orange Kitchen

Want Harmony? Think Contrast

Although designer Jennifer Gilmer uses a bold orange for the walls and an exotic Macassar ebony veneer on the custom cabinetry in this kitchen, the look is still serene thanks to the addition of high-gloss white cabinets. "Combining dark and light keeps it warm while adding some sparkle," Gilmer says. Photo courtesy of Jennifer Gilmer Kitchens

Large kitchen

Mediterranean Meets the Modern Era

Although Sarah Barnard designed this kitchen for a Mediterranean estate, she avoided a stuffy Old World look by adding wow factor. The deep charcoal hood over the cooking station pops against the toffee-colored cabinets, and the embossed concrete backsplash and armless chair are transitional touches that keep the composition contemporary. Photo courtesy of Sarah Barnard Design

Elegant Kitchen

Two Islands Better Than One

In a large kitchen, designer Heather Hungeling prefers to create two smaller islands instead of one behemoth — a too-large island becomes an obstacle to get around instead of a boost to functionality. Here, one island is topped in granite and the other in warm, rich Iroko butcher block (an African hardwood). Photo courtesy of Heather Hungeling

Black and white kitchen

Study in Black and White

Despite the presence of traditional elements such as the chandelier and crown molding, this isn't your grandma's black-and-white kitchen. Designer Angela Shannon used a 60-inch Wolf oven, high-gloss white Poggenpohl cabinets, Marron Cohiba granite countertops with metallic flecks and clear Starfire glass bar-height countertops to create a luxurious contemporary feel. Photo courtesy of Angela Shannon

Wood kitchen island

Bigger Is Better

Outsized scale creates a larger-than-life effect in this kitchen designed by Heather Hungeling. The massive oak island and ivory Edwardian-style cabinetry are balanced by a contemporary-feeling backsplash with a sleek metallic finish. Lesson: Don't be afraid to mix traditional elements with of-the-moment accessories. Photo courtesy of Heather Hungeling

Colorful Shower Curtains Design Ideas 2012

Lacking color in the bathroom? Spice up your bathroom with a colorful shower curtain that's sure to turn heads.

Green Dreams

RMS user dezignrogue pulls in natural green tones to stand out against the white brick wall.

Hello Sunshine

With deep blue tiled walls, a golden yellow shower curtain brightens the space and provides a bold contrast. Design by Velvet Hammerschmidt.

Four Square

RMS user rdoukas turned a children's bathroom into a colorful, tropical getaway.

Paisley Daze

This pink paisley shower curtain adds a girly touch and stands out against the bathroom's white walls and fixtures. Love it?

Subtle Color

A green and beige damask shower curtain provides subtle color to this bathroom.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Painted Kitchen Cabinets

It's the New Black

Play up the contrast of white walls by painting kitchen cabinets black. By taking off the doors and adding inexpensive moldings, creating a sophisticated and versatile kitchen. My kitchen cabinets are black and it lends to an elegant look splashed with all the colors in dishes and accessories, it is a beautiful backdrop.

Brighten With Yellow

Cheery yellow adds a playful element to this gourmet kitchen from the 2009 HGTV Dream Home. Paired with gray countertops and walls, the bright cabinet color keeps the space charming instead of drab.

Go Bold With the Island

One of the hottest trends in kitchen cabinets is an island featuring a dramatic hue. Surrounding white cabinets set the scene, but an onyx island brings high style to this traditional kitchen


Sophisticated Gray

Gray is a refined, classic shade, but it also evokes a more modern feel than its black counterpart. Designer David Stimmel chose a hand-applied painted sheen for these birch cabinets, which allows a hint of the natural wood grain to peek through the soft gray tone.


tuscan old world styled kitchen

Mix It Up

Can't decide on one color for your cabinets? Paint the top and bottom cabinets different colors. Since blue and yellow are complementary hues, they're the perfect combination for this Old World kitchen. Design by Linda Adams.

amazing interior design wallpapers

Amazing interior design wallpapers decision of selecting an interior designer can Walls are a huge part of any design When it comes to designing a space that you own they typically take up the everybody wants to get the best of the best largest square feet, in any There are two options involved, either doing it project. They set the tone for everything else in the room. Often manually or transferring the entire burden to a professional the question arises do I use wall paper or paint  be difficult but what you can do is; follow the following  A few pro's Interior designers are trained to take your encumber them and give steps carefully and get the pertinent interior designer.
 amazing interior design wallpapers
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Amazing interior design wallpapers the best of what you desire upon and con's about painting verses wallpaper All you got to do is let them about your dreams and I bet you will soon see where ideas and they will incorporate all of it in the I stand on the debate interior design of your space.

amazing interior design pic

Amazing interior design pic are people interior designers in London then there will be a number looking for the services of Ideally decorating should be done and handled by that can offer their services. Interior designers London may of companies or experts and professionals in their fields, an individual designers certain amazing interior design Here are budget to hire a professional interior designer recently bought pictypes of design such as period interior design, contemporary specialise interior designer. But using the services of interior designers in set aside ultramodern or more traditional design. 
 Amazing interior design pic 2011
amazing interior design pic 
 interior design wallpapers
amazing interior design pic have the interior design,would require extra costs, and not everyone can afford to re-design the interior of your current home a new property or want to some tips that will help you decorate the room then investing in the services of interior designers in London is well worth while.

amazing interior design photo collection 2011

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 amazing interior design photo collection 2011
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