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Safari Garden Theme

Safari Theme Garden 2011 :  a real jungle right in your garden. Plant more palm trees and ferns. You can grow climbers and vines crawling over the walls and trees. Exotic varieties of flowering plants should be planted. You can add caves and rocks to the garden to give it more safari touch. 

Safari Garden Theme  2011

Hang Kitchen Cabinets 2011

Hang Kitchen Cabinets 2011 : Start assembling the upper cabinets first. The bottom of the upper cabinet should be set upon a one-by-four for support. Place the upper cabinets on their back on a floor or any other flat surface. Fix all the even surfaces of the cabinet with the clamps and then attach wood screws. Take care that all the surfaces are at the same level.
White color Hang Kitchen Cabinets 2011
Hang Kitchen Cabinets 2011

Rustic Kitchen Cabinets 2011

Rustic Kitchen Cabinets 2011 : Rustic kitchen cabinets are fundamentally made on the basis of what is rural and which will give the feel that we are getting connected with our roots. This style of cabinets has grown in popularity in the last decade or so. But for such cabinets you have to be really adventurous.

Rustic Kitchen Cabinets 2011 is nothing like good old wood for authentic rustic wood kitchen cabinets. Rustic pine kitchen cabinets and rustic hickory kitchen cabinets are perhaps the most popular choices for rustic kitchen cabinets.

Rustic Kitchen Cabinets 2011

Safari Theme for Childrens Bedroom

Safari Theme for Childrens Bedroom 2011 : Safari theme is fun for young boys and girls. You can use bamboo decor, tribal theme accessories, camouflage print bed sheets and covers. You can add faux palm trees and add a canopy to the bed. 

Strategically place a few soft toys of tigers, lions, bears and rabbits around the room. You can even hang a monkey on the faux trees placed in the room or from the curtain rods. You can even use the wallpapers with safari theme to decorate the room. 
Safari Theme for Childrens Bedroom 2011

Asian Bathrooms Design 2011

Asian Bathrooms Design 2011 : After your bedrooms, bathrooms are the first place you visit when you wake up early morning. A perfectly clean and beautifully decorated bathroom, the first thing in the mornings Asian bathrooms are exactly like this, with everything in the room, systematically organized and well settled. Even if you try, these bathrooms cannot look shabby, because their basic arrangements and structures are made in perfect symmetry. 

Modern Asian Bathrooms Design 2011 

There are many aspects that are used to make these Asian bathrooms interesting and worthwhile, which are mentioned below for your convenience. 

Faux Painting ideas and Styles 2011

Faux Painting Styles 2011 : beautiful methods of replicating the look of marble or wood through wall paint. They create such an extraordinary image that the wall looks real and the paint looks like wood or any other imitation. Using paint, there are designs such as roses, modern art, and other discrete figures which are created and they all look carved or handmade.

Bath room Faux Painting ideas and Styles 2011

Faux Painting ideas and Styles 2011

Stencil Painting 2011

Stencil Painting 2011 : favorite way of giving rooms the most elegant and royal look in very easy steps! They are fun, unique and very creative as you can dress your walls in absolutely any desired pattern and colors. You get stencils in various shapes and designs such as bold geometric figures, flowers and leaves, stripes, fossils, animals and birds, etc.

All you have to do with these interior painting design ideas is stick the stencils to the unpainted walls and roll the paint over them, so that the color is filled in the empty spaces.

Exterior Paint Combinations 2011

Exterior Paint Combinations 2011 : A great home that suits our personality is what everyone looks for. Good color sense and knowledge helps us fulfill our wish of having a home-sweet-home. Your house should standout well as compared to the neighbors and surroundings. Look at your home structure carefully while selecting the exterior paint combinations. Homeowners tend to leave out their roof or wooden panels while selecting exterior paint color combinations, which may cause expenses later on. 

A combination of gray and off-white can give the building that old historic look. Darkish pink too makes the structure look neat while projecting olden times. Brighter colors like blue, green, red, etc., can be used for those newly constructed modern structures. They need to look very attractive from far and thus attract a lot of people. If the building has many windows, then a combination of pale white and brown is best suited.

Exterior Paint Color Schemes 2011

Exterior Paint Color Schemes  2011 

Choose a light shade from neutral colors for the walls, not a dark and gloomy one. Paint the window and door trims and barge boards with white color, because it looks clean and reflects more light. Paint other details like railing and shutters in contrast to the wall's color like dark brown or maroon.

How baleful a house would look if it is painted all with black. Instead, black color can be used as an accent to highlight the borders, like a painting given a finishing touch with a black border. Try to use the darkest shade of whatever color you selected for the walls. Creamy white can be used for painting the other exterior details of the house.

Exterior House Color Combination

Exterior House Color Combination 2011 : Classic combination can play up the effect of a color which might look dull if used alone for painting the entire exterior wall area. If dual colors are not fitting in your choice, go for this. Choose a single dark paint color for entire wall surface and add white colors for the wall trims only. Believe me, this is one of the popular exterior house color ideas that you must think of implementing.

While choosing one of the various exterior house color schemes for a house paint, make sure that the final look will not be flashy. Remember that a decent color combination is what makes the best looking exteriors. Combinations like lightest gray with maroon, lightest yellow with crimson or white with a beige are the best picks for exterior walls. Remember that white can be best paired with any of the aforementioned colors. 

Exterior House Color Combination 2011

Exterior House Colors 2011

Exterior House Colors 2011 : Colors that you can borrow from nature and ambiance around your home make the best exterior house paint colors. Like, if your house near a beach, opt for light shades of blue or beige. Popular exterior house colors like ocean blue or aqua blue when paired with white can make a great looking exterior walls for such homes. A house surrounded by lot of treas can be colored in shades go well with green. White, lemon yellow or greenish gray can look best.

Colorful Exterior House Colors 2011
Exterior House Colors 2011 

Wall Colors for Bedrooms 2011

Wall Colors for Bedrooms 2011 : Yellow is one color that instantly catches the eye. It is cheerful, flashy and gives the illusion of space, making it one of the best wall colors for bedrooms. A good bedroom wall color idea would be to paint the wall colors yellow and the ceiling white, to tone down the yellow. 

If you are not sure about the paint colors for bedrooms, then a safe choice would be neutral colors like beige and gray. In fact, this color combination works equally well as kitchen wall colors. Beige and gray look unique and classy and the best part is that if paired with colorful bedroom furniture and accessories, this color combination can give some really amazing results. 

Wall Colors for Bedrooms 2011

Chalkboard Paint Shopping Tips

Chalkboard Paint Shopping Tips  : 2011 First of all you need to decide what kind of chalkboard board paint you want. u want it to be a plain blackboard color? Then you can go with a black colored chalkboard paint. many black colored chalkboard paint reviews on the internet, however you can find this kind of chalkboard paint at most hardware stores. For other shades of colored chalkboard paint you will have to go to paint stores, or make a chalkboard paint of a shade of your choice at home. It is quite easy, actually. 

Another thing you need to consider is, if you want your chalkboard paint a simple one or a magnetic chalkboard paint.

Chalkboard Paint 2011

Chalkboard Paint 2011 

Chalkboard paint comes in many colors. Black chalkboard paint colors are available at any normal paint store, but you can shop online too. Check out the various chalkboard paint reviews, to see which is the best product. Chalkboard paint is affordable, and you just need a small amount of it, to paint a patch on a wall.

Chalkboard Paint 2011 

Applying magnetic blackboard paint takes more time and costs a bit more, however it has its own set of advantages. It can work as a magnetic surface, and children can use it to stick magnetic toys and objects, and at the same time draw on it. But, one needs to apply magnetic chalkboard paint properly, and on a clean wall, otherwise you might end up with a textured uneven wall.

Chalkboard Paint Colors

Chalkboard Paint Colors 2011 : One can create so many decorating ideas with chalkboard paint, all you need is a little bit of imagination. There are two very popular manufacturers of this paint, which offer various chalkboard paint color options. You can go through various chalkboard paint reviews to see which is the best product. Two of the most popular manufacturers are Hudson Paint and RustOleum. 
They have so many shades of chalkboard paint colors, that you will surely find a shade to match your home decor.

Creative Stencil Design Patterns 2011

Creative Stencil Design Patterns 2011 : t a contemporary look to one of the walls of your living room, then large wall painting stencils that will help you get stripe patterns are amongst the best wall design ideas to opt for. Use them to get vertical or diagonal stripes and your walls are ready to look class apart. Some of the most modern wall painting stencils are those that can be used to paint human figures or faces on the walls. Wall painting stencils with abstract prints and geometrical patterns are an all time hit.

Modern Creative Stencil Design Patterns 2011 

Wall Paint Designs for Living Room

Wall Paint Designs for Living Room  2011 The living room of the house is the first impression that people have of your home. So, you need to make it look as elegant as possible. As far as wall painting designs for a living room are concerned, the best advice would be to stick to simple yet modern wall paint designs. Simple does not translate to boring. Try a wall paint design with squares or a wall paint design with stripes running across the length or breadth of the walls.

Wall Paint Designs for Bedrooms

Wall Paint Designs for Bedrooms  2011 If you're looking for something sexy and elegant at the same time, a combination of red and black is a great idea. You can have alternate walls painted in red and black, have a single black line running vertically down a red wall or vice versa or you can have a huge black rose painted on a red wall.

Another idea you can try is, a classic beige and brown combination. Paint all walls beige and one coffee brown. On the coffee brown wall, get only the stencil of the Celtic Tree of Life painted. If you're feeling a little bold, you can inverse the idea.

 Paint all the walls brown and on the beige wall, have the Tree of Life painted in coffee brown.

Wall Paint Designs 2011

Wall Paint Designs 2011 : Gone are the days when a house was painted in a single color to maintain uniformity. Today, the number of wall paint colors and wall painting techniques available is mind boggling. Interior painting designs has taken a whole new approach and it has definitely worked for the better. Let us, in the sections below, see some ideas for painting the walls of the different rooms in your home.
Wall Paint Designs 2011 

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HGTV Green Home 2011 Pictures

Kitchen Pictures
HGTV Green Home 2011

Dining Room Pictures
HGTV Green Home 2011

Living Room Pictures
HGTV Green Home 2011

Master Bedroom Pictures
HGTV Green Home 2011

Girl's Room Pictures
HGTV Green Home 2011

Boy's Room Pictures
HGTV Green Home 2011

Master Bathroom Pictures
HGTV Green Home 2011

Hall Bathroom Pictures
HGTV Green Home 2011

Loft Pictures
HGTV Green Home 2011

Girl's Room Pictures " HGTV Green Home 2011 "

Interior designer Linda Woodrum took one look at the carpet in a shade of bright bubblegum, and knew immediately that one room would be over-the-top colorful. “That room feels joyous and happy, and it’s fun to be in the space,” she says.

Window dressings include cellular shades and Roman blinds in a neutral shade to temper bright-pink shades. “Linen really holds up to the sun well. It doesn’t break down,” says interior designer Linda Woodrum. “It’s very sustainable.”

Clean, contemporary and uncluttered, the girl’s room features only essential furnishings to maximize floor space.

Hand-beaded, silver and shell mosaic trinket boxes add sparkle to the dresser top.

The perfect receptacles for a girl’s treasures, nesting boxes, artisan-crafted from sun-dried woven bamboo and beads, sparkle in the sunlight.

Platform-style twin beds are customized with custom-crafted headboards, slipcovered with natural linen.

Felted pillows in a rayon-wool blend lend texture and visual interest when paired with eco-friendly bedding.

A pair of natural seagrass baskets corral clutter in the space.

An oversized wing chair, upholstered in sustainable fabric, is paired with a casual wooden cube to create a reading nook. “The room is symmetrical with a chest and two beds and you want to keep it from getting too sterile. So you bring in things that don’t match,” says interior designer Linda Woodrum.

The inclusion of adult furnishings in a child’s space makes sense to Linda. “If a young girl is in there, she’ll be in there for maybe 10 years,” she says. “Don’t buy children’s furniture.”

In addition to the chest of drawers, a closet provides space to store clothing as well as linens and toys.