Monday, January 31, 2011

Commercial Interior Design Pictures

Commercial Interior Design interior designers work in close association with the builders and contractors in making the maximum usage of the available space and making it look good by their creative implementations. 

Office Commercial Interior Designer in Californica

Decide what kind of furniture would be good for a particular place, also the tiles for flooring, kitchen and bathrooms for residential apartments. The interior designers decide the type of material to be used as per the budget of the client.

Minosa in Profile - Luxury Home Design

Here is the Minosa story published in LHD, grab a copy.

Subtle Color Splash

beasley round headboard

Thorougly Modern Master

Designer Troy Beasley pairs bold geometric shapes with luxe fabrics and an energizing color palette for a look that is appealingly polished.

I love the yellow with the grey, black and white, the room feels fresh and still peaceful!

beasley modern master bedroom

High Style Meets High Tech

Designer Troy Beasley takes luxury and convenience to a new level in this master bedroom. The 12-foot chocolate mohair headboard visually grounds the room while elegantly concealing controls for the room's lighting and electronic devices.

Bright Is Just Right

Designer Gina Fitzsimmons deftly balances vibrant lime and cool blue with crisp, clean white for a look that is both energetic and serene.

Subtle Sophistication

Anchor gray walls create a soothing, neutral backdrop for metallic touches and creamy bedding, draperies and furnishings.

Tangled Up In Blue

Designer Angelo Surmelis creates a cocoon-like effect by painting both the walls and coffered ceiling in a cool, soothing blue.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Love Your Laundry Room

Laundry room

Concealed Laundry

Sliding doors and a front-loading machine combine for beauty and efficiency.
By concealing a front-loading washer and dryer in a custom cabinet, this space becomes multipurpose. One minute it's a fully functional laundry with plenty of room for folding and hanging clothes. Then, once clothes are put away, it becomes a decorative serving area.
The key to this laundry solution is the front-loading washer and dryer, because a square cabinet fits around the appliances to conceal them. Although front-loading appliances may cost more than standard units (full-size stacking units are a similar investment), they are worth every additional penny when making an awkward, little-used space more efficient.
Stenciled motifs on each door provide a distinctive finishing touch. Although this family chose to use sliding doors, a piece of fabric or a standard door made to fit the cabinet would also work.
laundry room combined with an area for crafts

Laundry and Craft Rooms

The sink in this stylish and functional laundry room has a wall-mounted faucet; the backsplash is made up of festive glass tiles. Cabinetry, with beaded-board fronts, surrounds three walls.

Laundry Room Chic

Chic Laundry Rooms

Turn a lackluster laundry room into a place that’s a pleasure to work in. Pretty wallpaper and a handy utility sink turn it into a flowery workstation for everyday chores.
Laundry room

Hall Laundry Area

This home's side entrance functions full-time as a stylish space and part-time as a laundry room.
Because this side entrance hall doubles as a laundry area, guests routinely arrived to be greeted by... the washer and dryer. That is, until the homeowners devised a clever disguise.
A piece of solid maple rests directly on top of the front-loading appliances; it provides a great spot for folding laundry. Because the countertop isn't permanently attached, it can easily be removed if either unit needs repair work.
The durable upholstery-weight skirt material is attached to a shower curtain tension rod. Making it a breeze to access the appliances, the skirt is divided into three sections.
Across from the washer and dryer is a full wall of cabinets that are painted a crisp white. They extend to the ceiling, providing maximum storage. Filled with vases, china, and cleaning items, the cabinets are a perfectly organized catch-all.
Laundry room in closet


In its previous life, the closet that holds a stackable washer/dryer was the kitchen pantry.
The homeowners turned the door around so it faced the hall. A pull-out shelf in the center of the appliance makes fast work of folding clothes. To add interest to the space, the couple chose a French door for the closet. They then installed a custom cabinet, painted a glossy white, next to the closet.It features three pull-out hampers and ample storage space for linens and detergent.

Just a note:  I ordered the most delightful laundry fragrance, you use it in the rinse cycle and only a capful will do. The scent I ordered from Tyler is called, "Diva". I promise, you will LOVE this product.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Luxury Home Design - Minosa in profile

Grab a copy of the latest Luxury Home Design - Minosa "in Profile" on page 148; also featured in the new bathroom products section.

Design Touches

Add Seating

A chaise longue (French for long chair) is a relaxing addition to the bedroom. Designed for reclining, they're the perfect spot for reading a book or catching a quick snooze.

Creatively Use Space

A converted  seldom-used attic was transformed into a sprawling master suite complete with a spa-like bathroom, entertainment lounge and bedroom proper. The suite's three areas are clearly defined yet still feel connected, courtesy of partial wall dividers like the floor-to-ceiling draperies separating the bedroom from the rest of the suite.

Opt for Old World Elegance

A custom canopy and rich drapery panels make the bed the dramatic centerpiece of this luxurious master suite. Certainly a high-end look, a bed crown is a relatively easy project to accomplish. Simply attach a fabric valance to a wooden shelf to create a cornice, then suspend the drapes from a cafe rod mounted within.

Don't Forget the Ceiling

Often overlooked, the ceiling is a room's fifth wall. RMSer kblalock gave hers the custom treatment with coffers, tray molding and recessed lighting.

Create an Escape

True, we can't all have an oceanfront view, but we can take a few cues from this laid-back, coastal style. Add a touch of the tropics with a seagrass rug, exotic accessories and gauzy sheers surrounding the bed.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Living Room Interior Lighting Design

Living Room Interior Lighting Design Task lighting is a good choice for bathroom lighting options. Vanity lights, spa lights, shower lights, and other lights that focus illumination to certain tasks are perfect additions to bathrooms. Again, when choosing these types of bathroom lighting fixtures, you should consider practical reasons.  Interior Lighting Design  should be readily accessible for activities such as shaving, applying makeup, bathing, and applying makeup at vanity tables. 

 These artificial lighting has tremendous effect to the mood and atmosphere of the house.

now compensate the absence of the natural  Interior Lighting Design which makes your home interior design and decorations visible. Interior Lighting Design do not just perform the task of illuminating the rooms because they have also become integral part of the overall design and look of the house.

Kids room Interior Lighting Design

Kids room Interior Lighting Design If your room is pink and brown, and the furniture is cream? Choose a piece that the base is cream, and accent it with an amazing shade in pink and brown. Custom shades are an affordable option for decor, and companies like Jubilee offer several hundred options. Kids room Interior Lighting Design Table lamps can be simple and chic, like a turned wood base, or a pedestal or urn lamp. 

Kids room Interior Lighting Design

Kids room Interior Lighting Design  that your room will receive, you can also choose from ambient, task, and accent lighting. Ambient lighting consists of light that illuminates an entire room. 

Kitchen Interior Lighting Design

Kitchen Interior Lighting Design There are a couple of ways that you can use recessed lighting. The first is to use it as a wash of light over the fronts of your cabinets as well as your work areas. A spot would give you a narrower beam of light that could create shadows either wanted or not wanted. A flood light would give you more of a wash of light.

will have to work as a junior interior designer and then with sufficient experience can gain senior level positions. There are many people who grab top jobs in this field even without a degree in interior designing.

Kitchen Interior Lighting Design the interior designer  let us know more about how to become an interior designer. Many people say that for becoming an interior designer, you need to have high profile contacts in the industry.

Office Interior Lighting Design

Office Interior Lighting Design Before you decide on a place to set your desk, look around for the most accessible power outlets. Most desks will hold an office computer and lamp, as well as a printer and phone. Office Interior Lighting Design items will need easy to locate electric outlets. You do not want to step across cords to walk across the room or go from one corner of your desk to the other if you do not have to. 

Modern Office Interior Lighting Design 2011

Before you decide on a place to set your desk, look around for the most accessible power outlets. Most desks will hold an office computer and lamp, as well as a printer and phone. All of these items will need easy to locate electric outlets. step across cords to walk across the room or go from one corner of your desk to the other if you do not have to. Fortunately, with a little thought you should be able to orient your furniture so that the cords are between the wall and your desk.

My new red kitchen designed by Kabnoury

Monday, January 24, 2011

Dining Room Styles

Bold Yet Balanced

Erinn's Tip: "When designing this room, I started with the drapery fabric, which has a repeating pattern of little white monkeys — it's very whimsical and fun. Once the drapes were pleated, the pattern became more subtle, which is nice. I contrasted the small pattern in the drapes with the large geometric rug. Finally, I selected a bold citrus fabric for the vintage Italian chairs. The three patterns are very different but work together beautifully because the scale is varied." Design by Erinn Valencich.
Erinn Valencich wide dining room

Spicy Spanish Style

Designer Erinn Valencich gave this room a modern twist with a fabric shade in a large-scale print and ethnic-inspired rug. Errin's Tip: "Paired with solid walls and furniture, the patterned shade and rug really pop. With a rug this bold, you wouldn't want to use patterned chairs. The shade and rug work well together because they share similar colors but don't touch."

bold colors create vibrant dining room design

Fresh Hues

If you crave color, take a cue from designer Shelly Riehl David. The saturated yellows and greens in this dining room create a refreshing palette while contrasting splashes of red and pink add to the pop. Erinn's Tip: "Have fun! Mixing patterns is a great way to really spice up a dining room." Personally, this is tooooo bold for my taste and the blue lamp doesn't work in this palette in my opinion. However, it does make a bold statement if you like funky!
Erinn Valencich old world dining room

Coppery Glow

By using a copper tone throughout, designer Erinn Valencich was able to fill this space with small and large patterns that work together to create a polished whole. Errin's Tip: The upholstered side chairs have a soft, circular pattern while the head chairs received a bolder circular pattern that demands attention. The rug has a soft, faded-over-time look that allows it to pair well with the various fabrics in the room.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Beginner's Guide to Gardening

Close up of a plant

Get Growing

So, it's garden time. Your outdoor space is cleared out, cleaned up, and ready to be planted.
And whether you're taking on larger endeavors or simply planting containers for the patio, it's important to do your homework and really know your outdoor area before getting started.
With the following to-do list (don't worry, it will be easy!), you'll be fully prepared to take on shopping for and planting your garden with confidence and style.

image of a nursery

Guide to a Nursery

Garden nurseries can be a bit overwhelming when you visit for the first time. There are so many beautiful plants to choose from, how do you know what's best for your home?
Lydia Pursell, owner of Leaf 'N Petal, says, "The best customer is a prepared customer."
What to Do Before:
• Know the dimensions of the area (or container) you're planting.
• Take pictures of your space to help choose plants and containers.
• Study your beds to see how much light they get during the day.

garden containers

Choosing Containers

Even if you're lacking outdoor acreage, container gardens are easy to incorporate into many spaces -- including porches, decks, and even front entries.
There are a wide variety of containers on the market, making it easier to choose a color, size, and style to fit your home's look and add outdoor appeal.

close up of a garden gnome

Garden Art

From whimsical garden gnomes to adorned stakes, garden art is back and bigger than ever.
The rule to choosing garden art is that there is no rule! Simply pick and choose pieces that you love, and then let your personal creativity and style shine through in your selections.

fragrant plants

Engaging Your Senses

Take a cue from your kindergarten days and remember the five senses when planting your garden. (If you need a refresher course, they're touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound.)
By incorporating all of these, your garden or outdoor room will feel completely relaxing, whether you're enjoying a good book alone or entertaining guests at a weekend gathering.


Carefree Coreopsis

Tolerant from zones 3 through 11, there is coreopsis for just about every flower garden. Commonly called tickseed, this relative of the sunflower prospers in dry, sunny locations with poor soil, making it ideal for problem areas in the garden. Coreopsis makes an ideal centerpiece in containers surrounded by shorter trailing flowers.

Potted succulents

Succulent Success

A broad group of tough, drought-tolerant plants including sedum, aloe, agave, and cacti, succulents are the perfect plant for gardeners who forget to water. If planted in well-drained soil, they require only a sunny spot and occasional watering.
Potted heat-tolerant cactus and aloe beautify decks and patios in the summer before being brought inside for the winter. Not all succulents are warm-weather plants, however. Showy sedums, such as the popular 'Autumn Joy', are hardy from zones 3 to 10

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Spring Accent Trends

A filigree bench at the foot of a bed


Inspired by a global appreciation of ironwork scrolls and delicate embroidery, filigree is popping up on walls, bedding, and textiles. The finely wrought designs, full of swirls, curlicues and flourishes, are as fresh as a sweet pea tendril. Pierced and intricately carved designs fall under this highly decorative look. I love the cool colors, classy and warm!

A filigree decorated light fixture.

A Bit of Spice

Bands of filigree criss-cross this Moroccan pendant light, found at Horchow.

 Every room, whether traditional or modern, needs a dose of ethnic design.

A dark, filligree decorated chair

Asian Interlude

Asian motifs compose a patchwork of design across the back and arms of a rattan chair. Flank a round skirted table with these exotic imports.
Available atGump's San Francisco

A truffle laser-cut rug

A Dose of Damask

Laser cutting has enabled the filigree trend to flourish. Here, a rug is cut into an elegant damask pattern, perfect for bringing a note of whimsy to a modern room.
$99 to $499
Available at Brocade Home

A filigree headboard

Bold Beauty

A boldly carved bed frame, painted black, gives your bedroom a fashion-forward edge.
Available at Brocade Home