Monday, November 30, 2009

Door Trends

If you are searching for a door with a difference, look no further than these smashing modern doors by Karim Rashid from Albed. The Ring and Blow door designs are fascinating sculptural doors that will surprise and delight you! The Ring door features a raised area (referred to as a “volcano”) where one would normally expect to find the handle. Within that “volcano” you can find a metal ring which operates the opening and closing of the door when pulled. Equally surprising, the Blow door has a vertical semi-ellipse on one side of the door. This elegant curving handle defies our expectations of a handle with a highly aesthetic alternative. Add these modern doors to your home – contact Albed

Friday, November 27, 2009

Design for Oasis Cheras

Here are some pictures I took this morning. I have not taken the "before" pictures of this house...Anyway here are the "after" photos.

Wet Kitchen

Cost : RM10,586

Dry Kitchen

Cost : RM14,709

Dining Area
Cost for wood frame at poster wall : RM550

Cost to convert courtyard to play area with storage cabinets : RM6,600

Living Hall
Cost : RM5,640

2nd Bedroom
This wardrobe costs : RM3,510

Child's Room
No renovation work here.

Master Bedroom
L-shaped wardrobe : RM7,700
Bathroom vanity area : RM1,250

Other costs not in the pictures include :

Powder Room : RM2,702

Washer area : RM2,900
Altar table : RM2,310
2nd bathroom : RM5,700
Shoe rack at porch : RM1,500

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tis the Season

Designed especially for compact homes, but indisputably adorable in any sized space, this cute wall mounted fireplace makes the most of every corner, every inch. The Miofocus by Focus is a wood burning fireplace design that offers a traditional ambience with modern flair. This contemporary compact fireplace is a simple, unadorned design of 2.5mm steel which mounts to the wall, freeing up valuable floor space. A smoke outlet exits at the rear, so you don’t have to worry about unsightly fixtures and elements spoiling your decor. All you see is what’s meant to be seen – a roaring fire. The look is clean, clutter-free and contemporary, making an ideal addition to minimalist living rooms, earthy dens and cozy bedrooms. Check out this modern wall mounted fireplace at Miofocus.

Tis the season to crank up the heat and the style in your home, with these amazing hanging stoves by Harrie Leenders. The Pharos Interior rotating stove is the latest and greatest from this Netherlands-based company. This open fire stove boasts a modern yet traditional shape that’s fixed to the ceiling, making a stylish statement in the living room, dining room, bedroom or den. A built-in spark screen puts safety first, but style isn’t far behind! This elegant open fire stove is available as a fixed, 60° or 360° rotating design, so you can enjoy an open flame from every angle. The stove pipe length can be customized to suit your ceiling height, so whether your home has cozy low ceilings or grand tall ones, this hanging stove is the perfect fit. Check out these cool rotating stoves at Harrie Leenders.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Italian Kitchen Designs

If there were an olympics for design, the Italians would surely take the kitchen category. The country has been producing cutting-edge kitchens since as far back as I can remember (and I’m old). Pedini began designing modern kitchens in 1965, focusing on functionality as much as on form. The company researches the way people use their kitchens, careful to design their cabinets as to minimize stress to the body. Cooking, for those of you who don’t do it, requires repeated motions—a well-designed kitchen should acknowledge this. Any Pedini kitchen pays close attention to ergonmics, and they all look good doing it.
But the Outline Collection, designed by Domenico Paolucci (a name someone should steal if the Sopranos ever comes back to HBO) is particularly striking. With a horizontally-oriented profile, Outline turns the kitchen on its side—and with good reason; while many of us have been married to vertically-oriented cabinetry, it is not the best use of space. Good cooks know that everything should be within reach, and a shelf that’s six feet high is good for very few people. You can further emphasize Outline’s orientation by choosing their grooved drawer fronts, which also feature horizontal lines. If you prefer to keep it minimalist, face the drawers with smooth lacquer or lacquered glass. Any of these materials is available in one of Pedini’s signature “chromatic personalizations,” in other words, “significant flexibility in color choice, innumerable tones of laminate, many shining colors of glass, and wooden doors with different colors and veining.”

All of these materials are 20 mm thick, medium-density balance panels, making them resistant to denting and warping. The finishes also resist fading, so you’ll never lose any of those brilliant colors. The strong lines of Outline are complemented well by contrasting accessories, such as the playful area rug featured on the Pedini website—a composition of circles of varying sizes that brings to mind plates and bubbles (two things one must have in the kitchen).

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fine Living

HGTV Dream Homes designed for social gatherings, whether it’s a wine-tasting club or a quilting circle. Designed by Interior designer Linda Woodrum.

Loved these rooms!!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Antique/Vintage Table Lamps

Feature Article

Antique/Vintage Table Lamps

A finely carved pair of French, 19th century,lime washed, portrait, fruit wood busts as lamps.The subjects, Louis-Auguste, Dauphin of France andMarie Antoinette, Archduchess of Austria.Louis is shown as a handsome young man of 15.He wears a short, side curled, powdered wig,tied at the back of the neck with a large silk bow.At his throat is a tied linen cravat, or, stock, a stiffened neck cloth.Across his right shoulder he wears theSash of the Order of the Holy Spirit. The Order was worn suspended from asky blue, silk moire ribbon, Le Cordon Bleu,(children of the king being members of The Order from birth).On his left breast he wears The Badge of The Order,a gold Maltese cross with white borders,each of the eight points ending in a gold ballwith a gold fleur-de-lys between each of its arms.At the centre of the cross, is set a white dove descending.Marie Antoinette is shown as pretty, young bride of 14,her hair dressed with roses.Marie Antoinette was an Austrian Hapsburg Archduchessand roses were the symbol of her Austrian heritage.Recall her famous 1783 portrait, Marie Antoinette with the Rose,painted by Vigee Lebrun who painted 30 portraits of the Queen,most including her signature flower, the rose.

A striking, early 20th century, English black ground,papier mache, urn and domed cover as a table lamp.The black ground finely decorated in gold leaf workwith a large loose bouquet of summer flowers.The domed cover similarly decorated.A table lamp with a strong decorative statement.

A most handsome, vintage, Chinese, baluster shaped table lamp.The monochrome lamp with a rich, dark blue glaze.The lamp on a turned maple wood stand, water gilded.A perfectly understated table lamp with an elegant look.

A very rare, French, 19th century, black matt glazed,terra cotta vase as a table lamp.The lamp decorated with a classical Greek subject.The lamp derived from the style of the Bucchero, Etruscan,terra cotta vases of classical Greek antiquity, circa 500 B.C.These vases, characteristically paintedwith highly glazed black figures on a grey-black ground.The lamp of Nikosthenic Amphora shape,an oval body with a narrow neck and curved handles on either side,the Amphora shape supported on a short socle on a circular base.This shape was introduced by the “Bucchero potter”,Nikosthenes in about 530 B.C

A small, vintage, Japanese, claret ground or Pigeons Blood,cloisonne, Ginbari, accent lamp.The claret ground decorated with a spray of flowering plum blossom.The lamp cap and stand of silver plated bronze.
Showa - Circa 1950

A rare, late 18th century, Leeds pottery, Pearlware,underglaze, transfer printed, baluster shaped, accent lamp.The lamp finely printed in dark blue in typical Leeds quality.The transfer printed subject, A Chinese Landscape,with island pagodas in a setting ofwaterways, lattice bridges, junks and Chinese houses.The lamp generously printed in full, front and backwith sides printed with narrow sections of the main print.The lamp with a bright pearlware glaze,undimmed by over 200 years!The lamp fitted with a custom made, gold plated bronze cap.The lamp standing on a custom made, polished maple wood base.Pearlware was the name given to this type of glaze,which had a small amount of cobalt addedwhich produced a bright, pearl-like lustre.The Leeds factory was established in 1771 inJack Lane in the village of Hunslett, near Leeds in Yorkshire.By 1775 it became noted for underglaze transfer printingand by 1790, Pearlware was introduced.

Antique & Vintage Table Lamp Co.

Their relationship with antique porcelain and pottery spans a period of 45 years. This includes 25 years as international specialist dealers, formerly known as "The Antique Porcelain Gallery", valuers to The Australian Incentive to the Arts Scheme and regular lecturers. Their long experience with antique ceramics and glass includes dealing with museums and the supply of pieces of national interest to the Prime Minister's Department.
They have extended ceramics expertise into the quality bespoke table lamps seen on our site and are well known to interior decorators who have included many of our table lamps in minor to major projects.
Included is a certificate of authenticity with each of our individually designed lamps, providing a full description, circa date and unconditional guarantee.

Maurice quotes, "our company produces an elegant range of classic and decorative table lamps with each lamp representing a work of art, combining function, artistic design and beauty. Maurice Robertson - Principal of The Antique & Vintage Table Lamp Co

Sunday, November 8, 2009


From Italian furniture maker Ceccotti Collezioni is a simple line of beds that uses clean lines construction to create a stunning visual appeal. The featured product is "Buonanotte Valentina" coming in both a leather upholstered headboard version and a version where wooden slats adorn the headboard. It is constructed of solid American walnut. The wooden slat version in particular creates an interesting shape as the headboard slats combine with the under-workings of the frame for a nice effect. More information: here.

Reader's Question

I sometimes receive questions from readers of this blog which I believe many other people too have on their minds. I hope by publishing my answers, more people will benefit.

This email came from Rachel :

"Hi, Can you imagine, I read ur entire blog from beginning to end in 1 night!!! that my sense of urgency!

Anyway i cannot find any entries on Warranty / Sustainability etc..
Ie: let say you handover ur job to the house owners. Then a month later, the anti jump sliding door does not work properly?
or the kitchen cabinets door are not straight... so the defects warranty is upon inspection or over a period of time? I believe some kitchen tops like solid stone **those from korea** is a lifetime warranty right??

anyway want to know more about that.


Hi Rachel,

Most business owners are in the business for long-term and most realise that to build goodwill and reputation, after sales service is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Therefore, sliding doors that don't work properly will be serviced FOC within the 1 year warranty. Bear in mind that all things go through wear and tear and sliding accessories wear down faster than swing open accessories. After the 1 year warranty, we will still provide servicing but will need to collect a minimal charge for labour and travelling.

Cabinet doors that are not straight is because of allignment, which is easily adjustable by an installer. We would definitely prefer the house owner to tell us all things to rectify one shot rather than having to make many trips. Sometimes when the owner overlook some defects, you can still call up for after-sales service.

I don't know which brand of kitchen tops you mean, but life-time warranty doesn't mean it will be scratch-proof. It only means, guarantee for manufacturing defects but solid surface will scratch easily so we normally advice customers to take good care of their solid surface - no hard chopping, no hot pans on surface, no spilling of acidic stuff, no spilling of stain-causing stuff like kunyit/curry,etc. Granite and marble too require similar good care even though they don't scratch as much.

- Lola

Thursday, November 5, 2009

X'mas Cupcakes Decoration Class !

We're going to have some FUN this Christmas! I have invited celebrity pastry chef Melinda Soon from Apple Kitchen to conduct baking classes at our showroom and she has chosen to have the very first class with a Christmas Theme.
Melinda had very kindly submitted these photos of the cupcakes that she'll be teaching. I am wondering whether anyone will actually take a bite out of these...because they look too good to be eaten!

If you would like to register for this class, do call Melinda directly at 012-6409809 or send her an email at

Date: 20 Dec (Sunday)
Time: 10.30am - 2.30pm
Fee: RM140 per pax
Type: Semi Hands-on
Venue : Signature Kitchen, No.14, Jln SS 15/4, Subang Jaya.

1) Chocolate Chips Cupcakes
2) Buttercream
3) Fondant
4) Decoration

*participants will get to decorate and bring home 6 different cupcakes

Early Bird Promotion:
Enjoy 5% discount for early bird registration before 30 Nov 2009

Melinda Soon
Apple Kitchen
Tel: 012 640 9809

Cancellation Policy: Payment must accompany all reservations. Class cancellations are accepted and a credit for other replacement classes will be given if notification is received 7 days prior to scheduled class. If you cannot attend, you may send a substitute in your place. No refund will be given in cash. Cancellations made fewer than 7 days before the class date are non-refundable. All classes are subject to minimum and maximum enrollments. In the event that Apple Kitchen cancels the class due to instructor illness or minimal enrollment, students will be notified by phone and e-mail. In that event, you may choose to transfer credit to another class or to accept a full refund.