Thursday, October 29, 2009

Italian Sideboard

Here is another progressive modern Italian piece from Tonin Casa, a leader in unique "all original" furniture designs. In a previous post Furniture Fashion reviewed their coffee tables, modern shelving, and dining tables so we wanted to show you one of Tonin Casa's buffet sideboards. This beautiful model features a four door cupboard, chromed metal frame, front profile in anodized aluminum and tempered black lacquered glass. I really like the way the back feet are recessed so they are visible from the side only creating a floating look and a little added drama. Tonin Casa is a great source for modern furniture for the lover of unique design that breaks away from the usual.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Burke Decor

 was created by Erin E. Burke in September 2007. A lover of renovations, Erin was working on a re-development project in post-Katrina New Orleans when a scarcity of construction resources (beyond the basic Lowes' and Home Depot offering) pushed her online to purchase fixtures, wallpapers and cabinetry. Having to spend extensive amounts of time sourcing products on the web through a multitude of sites, Erin became interested in the notion of creating an exclusive shoppe online for decor she loved...all in one place and with a cohesive style. Although BurkeDecor's online home decor catalog has grown extensively, her company remains committed to offering customers a boutique-style shopping experience online , see their store information on ,"this site-Serenity In Design- under Designer's Link section", they are an online boutique shop complete with decorative home products, gifts, furniture and other delights to make living more enjoyable. With a variety of offerings, from the most unique to the most functional of home furnishings and luxury pieces for any living space. They carry accent decor, bath accessories, bedding, candles, furniture, decorative garden decor, children's furnishings, lighting, mirrors, photographs, pillows, art prints, rugs, serving linens, trays, tabletop accessories and wallpaper from a range of star designers and brands. They carry unique and extraordinary items you will love!!!

Talk about, "Feng Shui"

This Singapore home remodeling project was submitted by Ong & Ong Architects showcasing their work on the 55 Blair Road property. The design team consisted of Diego Molina, Maria Arango and Camilo Peleaz. In the example they provided wonderful pictures taken by Derek Swalwell to provide details from each room. My two favorite areas in the home are the pool section and the staircase section. The pool is integrated into the home design and features a Century Frangipani tree native to Singapore which brings a sense of peace and reflection to the area. The spiral staircase is set off beautifully with windows on either side creating a visual experience enhanced by the overall white design of the room. Via.

Monday, October 26, 2009

White Wall Storage

White Wall Units and Home Storage Shelving Ideas

If you don't have built-ins and are staring at a blank wall deciding on what color to paint next, think again. In these White Wall Units and Home Storage Shelving Ideas" this is to show other possibilities other than a painted unit. These designs can be created by an individual just like you with our without the aid of an interior designer. For many of us, a wall that is thought out with a shelving concept or wall unit will be a vast improvement over what we currently see. These concepts are not limited to white and can be made in a variety of colors. Each design is put together by basic shapes, bit by bit. By measuring walls and determining width and height a concept can begin to come together. Some people create their design and then use cardboard cutouts to better visualize the wall unit or home storage shelving concept. In the dining room picture you will see how the wall unit is more closed off which lends itself to conceal china, stemware and serving dishes. One version throws in a touch of yellow to create a contrast to the white. The possibilities are limitless. The product is listed as "Vita" under the MDF Italia website that is found here. via

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Kids Rooms Interior Design

Kids Rooms Interior DesignThe use of pictures in a kids room enhances its appearance and gives it a casual look. Many ideas that one can choose from for painting a kids room. Pictures have a great impact on kids and they learn much more through pictorial forms rather than mere words. 

 many ideas that one can choose from for painting a Kids Rooms Interior Design. Kids Rooms Interior Design Pictures have a great impact on kids and they learn much more through pictorial forms rather than mere words.

Decorating a Kids Rooms Interior Design with the help of wildlife paintings educate them about different species of animals. 

Bedroom Interior Design ideas

Bedroom Interior Design ideas  set of colors that will never go out of style, irrespective of the raging trends, they are the traditional colors that have always been used for bedrooms. The browns, golden, deep blues, and all such colors are those that keep you grounded, connected to your roots. They also showcase your personality in terms of the fact that you are someone who prefers the simplicity of the good old days

Bedroom Interior Design 2011

Bedroom Interior Design but still want that punch in your room Try out these accent colors that you can use to highlight a very narrow patch, say on small wall with a window, a patch behind your bed, or a patch on the ceiling. 

Modern Kitchen Interior Design

Very Beautiful Modern Kitchen Interior DesignAlways maintain clean long lines in the kitchen. This doesn't mean that there can't be curves; you can also opt for kitchen counter tops or other furniture that are curved in shape. You can go for wooden flooring where you can see the horizontal lines of planks, to add more to the effect. Maintaining clean lines will not just give the feel of a modern kitchen, but also help to make the kitchen look bigger. 

Modular kitchen furniture and other modern furniture like table and chairs will also add more to the use of lines. You can also choose a table which is horizontal or or semi-curved, and go for chairs that depict a modern design. Go for table and chairs having sleek legs made of steel. Using a glass table top will also help to enhance the look.


Beside the obvious heating benefits of the Fire Ribbon Vu Thru from Spark Fires there are a few features that need to be brought into the light. The Fire Ribbon fireplace is available in two and three sided versions for enjoyment in multiple locations, there is no need for a hearth, it is available with safety or fixed ceramic glass, easy to install, and several can be lined up for a virtual Vu Thru fire wall as desired. Viewable dimensions: 36" wide x 17" H x 13" D See the entire collection of modern natural gas fireplaces for in and outdoor use at

Friday, October 23, 2009


You know what they say, “What’s old is new again,” and retro style bathrooms are hot! Jazz by ArtCeram puts a modern twist on the classic bathroom. This retro bathroom design by Meneghello Paolelli Associati features cool, contemporary details complementing retro silhouettes for a trendy yet timeless look. Whether your style preferences tend toward the traditional or the ultra-modern, the Jazz bathrooms offer something for every taste with its line of freestanding wash basins, toilet and bidet for a clean and customizable bathroom design. The long and lean lines and a classic palette of black and white create an elegant yet simple style. Check these retro bathrooms out at ArtCeram

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Here is my pick for the coolest bathroom faucet collection form Graff. There tag line says "cutting edge design" and here is one instance where an exaggeration has not been made. The "Luna" wall mounted lavatory / vessel or faucet and sink as we say here in the states offers a simplistic style that speaks for itself. Since 1922 Graff has been in the business of expanding the visual and structural lines of faucets, fixtures, and sinks for the bathroom, shower, and kitchen. Visit for a look at their entire collection including more on the super cool Luna series. via

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stairs and Balustrades

A staircase as an element of art is an amazing thing, and these decorative staircase design ideas from Edilco are nothing short of spectacular! These contemporary staircases offer an unusual juxtaposition of opposites in their combination of cold cement and metal with warm wood, resulting in a wonderful complementary look. From the simple spiral staircase with wood treads, to modern riser-free designs and grand staircases adorned with decorative graphics, this tasteful collection ranges from Zen, to classic contemporary and totally avant-garde, with a style to suit every preference. These staircase design ideas will fill you with inspiration for your own home. Take your classic staircase design from ordinary to extraordinary, and make a style statement that’s as individual as you are. For endless design options, check out these staircase pictures from Edilco.

Friday, October 16, 2009

I love the modern basin design BUT can the bowl be deeper?

I love the modern design BUT can the bowl be deeper? If I had a dollar for every time I have been asked this question I would be retired and enjoying a different life now.

The biggest misconception with flat washbasins is that the water will splash, in the case of our wash basin collection this will not happen as long as you follow a few simple steps. If you are currently living in a house that has not been renovated in the last 5 years then I challenge you to go to your bathroom that probably has a washbasin that will retain about 5 Litres of water (we will get back to this point) and try turning the taps on to full pressure; what you will find is that you are now wet or some part of the floor is also wet. This is because you are releasing nearly 20 litres of water per minute thru your basin mixer. This amount of water in most cases will vary as some area's have higher water pressure coming into your home.

This amount of water is not only unsustainable but is also not required!

How do we stop the splashing?
Well this is a very simple process, reduce the flow of water from the spout and what you find is that water will actually conform to a shape rather than repel against it; meaning that as water hits your hand or the surface of the basin it will actually form to that shape rather than bouncing of it all over you and the floor!
We have two systems to do this, both of which are Australian Designed and manufactured. The first is our Water save devise that fits in to all wall spouts or wall outlets, this devise will restrict the flow of water to between 4 & 6 litres of water per minute depending on the water pressure coming into your home. The other is the use of an aerator, this devise will add more air to the water and make it softer, decreasing any possibility of over consumtion and splashing. Both of these devises retail for less than $50.00 and have the potential to save more than 10,000 litres of water per anum per installation.......

The Puddle washbasin - Released at DesignEX Melbourne in 2003

How much is enough?

Minosa designed our first flat washbasin "The Puddle" (the flattest in our collection) way back in 2002 and what we have found over this time is that we do not require a lot of water to wash our hands, brush our teeth with or in some cases for men, shave with.

We designed this washbasin as Sydney's water restrictions were increased, we wanted to create a washbasin that pushed the market place to consider their own consuption of water thru this area of their house. Back in 2002 pre WELS ratings, finding tapware that was suitable was very difficult. In today's market place it is a great deal easier, thanks to the WELS rating system and the fact we are using more water than we are catching we are all trying to finally do our bit.

The highest flow rate or star rating is a 3 star WELS rated outlet which in our opinon is still to much water, we feel that 4Litres of water a minute (6 star) is more than enough for us all to perform our daily bathing habits.

Can I retain water in the washbasin?

In all of our washbasin apart from The Puddle you can store at least 1.4 Litres of water. This is more than enogh for Men to shave with and for any one to perform daily habits. We are finiding that more and more people do not even retain water in their washbasin.

There are two waste systems available; first is our Flip waste system & the other is the fixed waste system or free flowing wate which will not allow the user to retain water in the washbasin. Both systems like all of our washbasins are all made locally here in Sydney which has a host of beniftis I will cover another day.

We have all made a huge impact on our enviroment and we can all do more than we currently are doing.