Monday, April 27, 2009

Asian Culture Centerpieces

The photographs displayed were from the Asian Culture Festival. The arrangements were created with fresh flowers and various parts of stems and twigs , and a lovely assortment of beautiful vases! These are gorgeous.. Enjoy!

What great ideas for centerpieces, these could also be created using silk floral . I love the dramatics of the height and unusual flow of the stems and foliage.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Clean Lines and Light

Maybe it’s the less than exuberant state of the economy, or perhaps the nation’s growing affection for all things organic, or the imperative to go green. Whatever the drivers, the latest crop of coveted kitchens and baths gives a definitive nod to soothing simplicity. Clean lines, natural finishes, and economical choices were once again bountiful in this year’s Watermark awards, and daylight remains a central ingredient. In the quest for serenity, many designers and home buyers are stripping away the excess and embracing elemental palettes of glass, metal, stone, and wood. They’re also dispensing with some of the old ideas (about work triangles, galley kitchens, and cabinet configurations, for example) and rethinking the rules. This year it’s not so much about what’s hot in kitchens and baths; it’s about what’s functional, essential, and cool.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Classic Room Wallpapers 2011 design

Thibaut(pronounced Tee-Bo) is a wallpaper design firm in USA established in 1886 (yep!). We had a chance to browse their collection of some really nice classic themed wallpapers which they have put up on their website. Images follow:

Classic Room Wallpapers

Classic Room Wallpapers

Reading Nooks - Set

Reading nooks are those nice little nooks in your home where you don’t mind spending a whole day buried up reading a novel or catching up on magazines. The design of these places can be tricky, as usually, focus on comfort overrides aesthetics when you create these spaces. But that doesn’t mean these reading nooks need to be untidy or unappealing to look at.

This is not from a home, but you got to love the atmosphere here. Courtesy:Barbara Slavin

If reading means more of the virtual thing for you, this setup would suit you:

Bookshelves As Room Focus

we lay more emphasis on how shelves can effectively become the focus of the room. The collections shown below are from two Italian makers: Mobilieffe & Mazzali