Monday, November 24, 2008

Nov 28 to Dec 2 : Don't email, don't call, just leave sms

I kinda find it funny having to announce both Chee Hoong's and my study leave in public like this. The last month when we also took 1 week off to attend a Money Management seminar in Singapore...our email box was overflowing and I had to answer to customers and potential customers what was happening - no replies to phone calls, no replies to emails... If I could read into people's minds, probably someone could have suspected we had disappeared with lots of debts!

This time, we are going to attend a Project Management course at UTAR from Nov 28 to Dec 2. Yes,we are committed to keep learning and improving so that we can provide better and more valuable service to our customers.

Any enquiries, please sms to :

Lim Chee Hoong 019-3938448
Lola Lim 016-2926357

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Minosa Bathroom Blog & Sydney Bathroom Product Showroom

Welcome to the Minosa blog. In the coming weeks and months we look forward to showcasing images of completed bathrooms we have created, new bathroom products, what inspires minosa, bathroom trends and anything that may inspire us all to create beautiful modern bathing spaces.
The Minosa design team are here to assist anyone with questions thoughts or general feedback.
Here are a few images of our Annandale showroom, if you are Sydney based feel free to come and wander thru, we would love to run you thru the design concepts. If you are renovating or building new, bring your plans in and one of our award winning design team can take a look for you.

Best Wishes

Minosa Bathroom Product Web SIte

Finally the luxury bathroom market has a website they can visit, interact with and be inspired by.

This boutique bathroom design company - Minosa are set to define the web experience for those that are researching quality, chic modern bathroom furniture.

The one touch navigation of the Minosa bathroom product website is simple and effortless to use. With one click of the mouse you can visit any part of this extremely advanced & sophisticated website. Completely clutter free, the sites architecture is so logical, it is a dream to use.

Also, thru the use of advanced optimisation technology all of the bathroom products are showcased in high resolution. In doing so the sites’ focus is on the remarkable Australian designed & hand crafted bathroom furniture; allowing the consumer to easily submerse themselves into the very stylish bathroom collections.

You will find the new Minosa website is instantaneous & constantly engaging! This bathroom furniture and washbasin website offers the end user inspiration, innovation and a truly unique experience.

Be warned though it will leave you wanting more! Visit the new Minosa website at

Monday, November 17, 2008

Bank Negara Checked On Us !

My God! My heart did a double flip when a recent customer told us that in order to approve his renovation loan, Bank Negara did a financial checking on our background! You see, this couple (who has since become another of our close friends) are Bank Negara employees and in order to approve their renovation loan, the bank will do a thorough checking. We were wondering why the bank is taking so long time to make a payment to us and we were certainly not expecting this!

Later, we were cleared and that was a great relief! Actually I have been keeping a close eye on our financial standing since a few years back after reading "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki. I have carefully maintained a clean record to prepare for our big step into property investments. Look, no bank will loan us anything if we're not in the clean. Yeah...I'm tooting my big horn.. I had initially thought having clean financial standing will help us in investments but I had not realised it would matter when a customer applies for a loan!

The pictures above are of our Property Mastermind Group, graduates from Renesial Leong’s Property Mastery seminar and are currently under KC See’s Money Mastery mentoring programme. These were taken last week at The Gardens, Mid Valley.

Top pic : Seated left to right, Lee Loo, Siew Yin, Dr Jahaber and standing, yours truly. Other members Wan Nazmi, Fong and mentor KC could not make it .
Bottom pic : We were discussing the marketing of our latest designer hostels in Shah Alam, pouring over leaflets designed by yours truly.

** Latest update Nov 26: Siew Yin and Wan have received numerous calls to book time to view the accommodations! Awesome!

It just occured to me to write this today in order to help people make wise choices to choose a contractor. Especially in obscure times like this, more contractors will likely buckle under the weight of the economic downturn.
What I’m about to tell you may not be something that has crossed your mind before… EVERY YEAR I can hear people saying times are tough. But I don’t start hearing this only during this time of economic downturn! I hear this every year! I have even seen our peers in the industry carrying debts since few years ago which is only getting bigger and bigger this year. What I’ve learnt from KC and also recently from Harv Eker in Singapore is that everything originates from our “money blueprint”. People having wrong attitudes towards money will always be in shortage. In contrast, people having the correct attitudes will always get more WHETHER IN GOOD TIMES OR BAD.

What we’re learning from the programme is simply awesome! Chee Hoong and I are just so excitedly sharing what we’ve learnt and experienced with people. However most people think we’re trying to sell them insurance or mutual funds or direct selling products. What a blow!