Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Design for Sterling PJ

This is one of the condo work that we are working on at the moment. This owner is a keen photographer! My photography skills are very negligible so I am very glad to learn some tips from an expert. This is one of the most rewarding part of our work - we get to meet many, many nice people who are very generous with sharing knowledge and many end up as life long friends! So for anyone who has had negative encounters in life - believe me, there are many more nice people out there.

Living Hall


Master Bedroom

2nd Bedroom

3rd Bedroom


Wall Unit w4.44m x D0.3m x h0.7m RM2,400.00
Tall Unit w1.5m x D0.6m x h2.2m RM2,100.00
Base Unit w4.74m x D0.6m x h0.84m RM4,160.00

Related optional accessories & work :

0.8mm thick 2 & half bowl sink c/w tap RM850.00
Solid Surface Top RM180/0.3m RM2,880.00
Reposition of inlet & outlet point RM230.00
Reconnection of undersink piping RM250.00
Alum.Frame Frosted Glass door @RM 180/pc RM540.00
Coated Glass @RM48/sf RM720.00

Electrical work :
To supply & install 3ft T4 light @RM30 x 2 nos. RM60.00
To supply & install switch point @RM75 x 1 no RM75.00
To supply & install control point for oven @RM220 x 1 no RM220.00
( Direct from DB )

Built-in handles for all Cabinet doors RM350.00
Mosaic tile 13.5 sf RM1,200.00

YARD (design not shown here)

No hood, hob ONLY
To supply & install concrete slab RM2,070.00
c/w 2' x 2' tile, W3.4m x D0.6m x H0.84m
To supply & install underconcrete framed doors RM1,250.00
drawers & stool shelves, W2.015m x H0.7m
To supply & install combo sink c/w tab RM290.00

Reposition of inlet & outlet point :

Reconnection of undersink piping RM580.00
Inlet & outlet for washing machine


Hack off 2/3rd of the bathroom wall and plaster back RM1,200.00
Put in tempered glass panel - 10mm thick RM1,800.00
Shower screen ( single line sliding) c/w floor riser RM1,350.00
& stainless steel handle

Wardrobe - L-shaped with swing doors
W: 3.735m x D: 0.6m x H: 2.98m RM5,535.00
Extra charge for making interior to be same RM450.00
as exterior colour
Sliding doors, 1 fix Glass Panel : 1 sliding Wooden RM2,800.00
Glass Panel c/w double-sided steel handle

D/Table in spray paint, w1.7m x d0.45m x h0.76m RM1,800.00
Stool c/w PVC seater & chrome leg RM350.00
Mirror with bevel edge, w1.7m x h1.2m RM850.00
Divider c/w frosted glass, w0.46m x d0.04m x h2.98m RM2,055.00

Bathroom-related :-

Mirror cabinet w backlight, w0.78m x d0.15m x h1.2m RM950.00
Solid surface slab with semi-recessed sink + tap RM1,325.00
Plumbing work for inlet & outlet & reconnection RM580.00
Storage cabinet beneath sink RM600.00


Sliding door wardrobe, aluminium frame c/w 2 nos RM5,100.00
Fake wall partition , W: 1.8m x D: 0.6m x H: 3.02m
Skirting at the exposed fake wall RM150.00


Sliding door wardrobe, aluminium frame c/w 2 nos RM4,700.00
Fake wall partition, W: 1..66m x D: 0.6m x H: 3m

BATHROOM 2 (design not shown here)

Mirror cabinet w backlight
W: 0.75m x D: 0.15m x H: 1.2m RM950.00

Solid surface slab with semi-recessed sink
W: 0.75m x D: 0.15m x H: 1.2m RM1,325.00

Storage cabinet beneath sink RM600.00

Shower screen ( single line sliding) c/w floor riser RM1,350.00
& stainless steel handle


Nyatoh Veneer in Woodcoat finish, w2.4m x 2.4m RM3,950.00

GRILLE WORK - horizontal design
@ main entrance RM950.00
** to follow developer's specifications
@ yard RM550.00
@ utility window RM250.00

Proposed FLOORING work

Supply & install 1 strip classic grade (Tasmanian Oak) RM29,879.40
to the following floor area :-
Living area
Dining & Dry Kitchen
Master Bedroom
Room 3

New Wooden Doors to match existing Main Entrance door :

Yard Door ( swing opening ) RM1,800.00
MBR entrance Door ( swing opening ) RM1,800.00
Room 2 ( swing opening ) RM1,800.00
Room 3 ( swing opening ) RM1,800.00
Note : Price quoted for item K1,2,3,& 4 includes
installation ,woodcoat ,lockset

To reverse door opening for item L2
New Metal Door Frame RM350.00
Remove existing Metal Frame, to make good RM250.00
Re-plastering opening to receive New frame
Alum. Powder coated Window door

Existing Kitchen Window to be removed & replaced RM850.00
with new Alum. Powder coated sliding panel
Yard window, sliding RM750.oo

Cloth Hanger @ Yard
To supply & install Ceiling Mount type RM480.00

Electrical work :

Power point 1 no RM95.00
Switch point 1 no RM75.00
Fixing light 1 no RM10.00
Fixing Ceiling Fan 1 no RM25.00
Fixing Wall-mount Fan 1 no RM25.00
Fixing Exhaust Fan 1 no RM25.00
Fixing Door Bell 1 no RM15.00
Cement plastering for covering the hacking work RM650.00
Downlight / ceiling fan openingceiling plastering work RM350.00

Aircond-related :
Fix aircond @RM 150
New point @RM 20 / pfr
Painting work to ceiling & walls using RM2,800.00
Nippon / Jotun paint

Plaster ceiling work at :
Foyer : Plain Board, w1.5m x d1.8m RM150.00
Living Hall : Light Top, 22.8m / 76 FR RM1,900.00
Living Hall : Cutain Pelmet, w 3.6m / 12 FR RM216.00
Kitchen : End to End Box up to cover hood ducting RM650.00
w3.245m x d0.4m x h0.865m
Kitchen : Plain board , 55 sf RM350.00
MBR : Light Top, 10m / 33 FR RM825.00
Bath 1 : Plain Board, w1.5m x d2.7m RM250.00
( note : including remove existing ceiling )
Room 2 : Light Top , w5m / 16.5 FR RM420.00

Monday, September 29, 2008

Our City/Charlotte NC

Charlotte NC

The Queen City, aptly named after the beautiful wife of King Edward, Queen Charlotte, is a vibrant Mecca for those seeking bigger and better things. There are more transplants than natives here, bringing more ideas and money into the city. Though it’s experiencing a boom in terms of population and commerce, Charlotte hasn’t lost its southern charm and grace. Good taste and disposable incomes means a constant turnover of decorating which in turn means Charlotte is flush with great consignment shops, too. With High Point just a couple of hours away, access to hand crafted furniture is readily available making NC a destination for design aficionados.
The city is divided in neighborhoods and assigned numerical designations. But it’s much easier to use names like NoDa, Plaza Midwood, Dilworth, Southend, Ballantyne and Pineville. Each of these areas has vibrant design and art cultures and is worth checking out. The city is catching up to its reputation with respect to restaurants, medical resources and of course the banking capital.
Short for North Davidson is home to some of the very best art galleries and Friday night art crawls which happen once a month. One of Charlotte’s older neighborhoods, it is experiencing a true renaissance, especially over the past couple of years. An onslaught of new-build lofts and condos means a constant hum of construction here; let’s hope it remains affordable. Home to some great restaurants and music venues, NoDa is a favorite both day and night.
Another historic hood experiencing a major renaissance, Southend is an epicenter of creativity with ad agencies, film and recording studios, art galleries, antique shops, design centers, specialty boutiques and media outlets (Skirt, Charlotte Magazine, Charlotte Post) as well as great places to grab some comfort food. The opening of the Light Rail Transit line will mean more burbanites can easily stop by Southend on their way into town.
Another historic hood experiencing a major renaissance, Southend is an epicenter of creativity with ad agencies, film and recording studios, art galleries, antique shops, design centers, specialty boutiques and media outlets (Skirt, Charlotte Magazine, Charlotte Post) as well as great places to grab some comfort food. The opening of the Light Rail Transit line will mean more burbanites can easily stop by Southend on their way into town.
  • South End Exchange: this is my favorite spot to trove for antique and reproduction furniture as well as art, accessories, rugs and linens. A unique pricing system (prices drop on designated dates) lets you plan for purchases but means you have to stop by frequently.
  • Olde World Reclamation: also on Camden, this shop has antiques and accessories for home and garden. A great selection of stone products give it that well-lived, old world feel, just like the name says.
  • Interiors Marketplace: this store has an endless selection of new and old, with well named pedigree pieces. Be prepared to spend some money here. Exquisite accessories for refined tastes.
  • Southend Fabric Design: situated inside the marketplace is an excellent place for custom draperies, oriental rugs and select furnishings.

  • Furniture Solutions: further down on Camden is home to a huge selection of leather sofas, chairs and office furniture. It’s not cheap, but has great quality pieces.
There’s plenty of art available. The place to start is Charlotte Art League: On the main drag where you can buy art, rent space to hang or create art, take classes or browse in this large industrial space. Renee George Gallery: Solo exhibits by emerging and established artists in the contemporary vein. On East Worthington. DoMA Gallery: Fine photography is still affordable for those looking to start a collection. Located on South Tryon. Zoe’s Elf Gift Gallery: Pottery, jewelry, glass and fine art by regional artists. Like the name says, great for gifts…from elves? Located at the back of the building on South Tryon.
Southend has great places for tasty bites including renowned fried chicken from Price’s Chicken Coop on Camden St. Also check out Phat Burrito, Pike’s Old Fashioned Soda Shop and Mr. K’s Soft Ice Cream for great eats and sweets. All spots can be found on the Historic Southend website.
One of Charlotte’s most historic neighborhoods, Plaza Midwood is centrally located and quickly becoming a place for great food, fashion, antiques and design. The vibe is extremely cool and welcoming.
  • Fifteen Ten Antiques: around the corner on Central Ave is full of amazing finds. Antique furniture, glass, china, and artwork from all eras, including a few mid century pieces. Prices are listed but can be negotiated.
No matter when you visit the city it is in continuous bloom, each season there is color everywhere around the rolling hills and communities.

Why Stage?" A Little Style Works, Just Not Yours"

There are many reasons to stage your home. For example in this photo you immediately feel the ambiance, calmness and freshness as you do when walking into a model home. It is refreshing, clean and well coordinated. We get comfortable in our homes, leaving items out that need to be put away and out of sight and only until a stranger walks into the room do we realize that Oopps, I should have ?? A prospective buyer wants to visualize their items in the room with a clean slate to look at and or how their home will or can look.

Reasons to Stage:
  1. A seller listens to a Stager differently than to a Broker.
  2. A Stager can help secure listings for a Broker.
  3. A Stager is versed in staging techniques to enhance a property. She looks at the architecture of the property and advises how to best showcase this property.
  4. A Stager can guide a seller as to how to pack , what to pack , and oversee these processes if necessary, thereby taking the strain off of the seller and ultimately the Broker.
  5. According to statistics, Staged Homes sell about 50% faster than un-staged homes.
  6. According to statistics, the average difference in selling price over list price is nearly 4 times higher than un-staged homes.
  7. Staging costs less than a first markdown.
  8. Investing in staging your residence increases the return on one of your most important investments.
  9. Whatever the approach, staging homes for market appears to make a difference to buyers.
  10. Stagers offer a variety of services – from assessments, rearranging the existing furnishings to creating an entirely new “look.”

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Designer Showcase

Coordinate fabric designed on the pillows to accent the purple and red
Overstuffed chairs and headboard was covered in print to match bed ensemble
Accessories added the final touch using art, plants, statues and personal items
The wall was a faux using a pale yellow and white to soften the room and bring out the pastel yellows in the print and accent pillows
The green and pale yellow silk stripe was used was used for the end table covers and for lining the draperies
View from Master Bedroom into Master Sitting Room
View from Master Sitting Room into Master Bedroom

Master Suite Sitting Room/Not shown in this picture was an antique love seat across from the fireplace which was covered in the pale yellow and green silk stripe which lined the draperies and was used for the table tops. A green and yellow tassle trim added the final touch of elegance to the draperies

I recently had a request to reprint this about a Designer Showcase I did in Columbus Georgia.

I was lead designer in this showcase of homes project. My project was the master suite, consisting of the sitting room, bedroom and master bath. Proceeds went to support the local symphony.

This was quite a large bedroom, I selected this floral print which showcased 26 colors in the pattern. I then used red, green, yellow and purple as my accent colors. A small room could not handle this large pattern, this allowed the room to have a warmer feeling. First I choose a pale yellow and faux painted the walls which were originally white. I added the light fixture, replaced the carpet from a dark brown to an off white bringing out the background of the fabric. The table skirts and drapes are lined in a pale yellow and green stripe creating a garden escape feeling. There was a surrounding patio which displayed a flower garden making this room feel an extension of the garden.

The sitting room sofa was upholstered in the same yellow and green stripe and the floral pattern lined with the same stripe was then carried through on the half draperies which were displayed on a swing rod giving the room a three dimensional look allowing more view to the garden.

When working with a large room, as you can see, color and a lot of it works!!! The room has a clean fresh yet romantic feel with a softness to reflect a mellow yet fun mood.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What happened the last few months


More than a few friends and readers alike have asked why I've stopped posting! Well...I've quite a number of interests and a major interest is reading. Yeah, I've been reading quite a number of books the last few months - upon waking up, during lunch breaks, while waiting for people, while waiting for food to be served at restaurants, just before bed...And when the stuff are interesting, I'll be discussing the subject of my reads with my better half whenever there's time.

You see, the so called "stuff" that I've been reading are some recommended books and some online learning materials from the 2-year mentoring programme that Chee Hoong and I are in. Click here to read about our programme : http://www.masteryasia.com/

So that was what happened that kept me away from the pc!

Also, my close friends and some clients also know of my lastest foray into the world of property investment. That too ate up quite a lot of time - from market research, property surveys and the endless financial and legal paperwork.

Exciting news !

Many a time, people call up looking for minor work like plaster ceiling or painting or grills. We just do not have the heart to quote a designer's price for small work! What I always did was to tell callers that they can save some money if they just get small independent contract workers to do the work and monitor such workers themselves, they could save themselves some money - cost savings from having to employ a designer and project supervisor!

A common concern is people are worried that the contract workers may not produce good work or worse cheat them of money. That led me to the idea that I could probably come up with a list of our recommended independent contractors. Contractors on this list will be people I know and who may have worked on our projects before, or recommended by our clients or recommended by my friends. In short, contractors on the list are people whom I feel can be trusted. I'm now working on this new website with guides on monitoring and handling contract workers. My partner Daniel is already on standby to help kickstart it! We will launch the new website before November 2008.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fun with Faux

Hard to believe this is a faux stone wall that was hand painted.....I found this over at bhg along with the instructions http://www.bhg.com/homekeeping/faux-stone-wall/. Other forms of faux stone may be found at http://fauxpanels.com/stone. Although, I feel most wallpapers are obsolete using a stone wall look would also add the look of texture to your room and can be found at http://americanblinds.com/wallpaper. Create the same affect with old newspapers found at this link www.all-homedecor.com/faux/fauxstone.htm . Whether it be stone or a painted faux wall with texture will create interest and add dimension to your decor. Remember to do this with one wall in a room, if you overdo it, it will close the room in, you are trying to achieve an accent or focal point only....like hanging a special tapestry or other works of art.